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The company

Name Heineken
Address 2 Rue des Martinets, 92500 RUEIL MALMAISON
Website Url http://heinekenfrance.fr
Career site Url https://heineken-recrute.talent-soft.com/accueil.aspx
Recruitment email recrutement@heineken.fr

Key figures

Creation year 1 864
Turnover (in M€) 4
Number of employees 4 000
Location Rueil-Malmaison
Activity sectors Brasseur, distributeur


Company presentation

Established in 1864 by the Heineken family, HEINEKEN has a long and proud history and heritage as an independent global brewer. We brew quality beers, build award-winning brands and are committed to enthusing consumers everywhere.

We are a proud, independent and responsible global brewer. Today, HEINEKEN is the number one brewer in Europe and the number two brewer in the world. We have operations in over 70 markets globally, which makes us the world's most international brewer. In the last decade we have significantly increased our exposure to emerging markets, which will be a catalyst for our growth.

Our values represent what we stand for as a corporate citizen, a business partner and an employer. They are reflected in We Are HEINEKEN.

We build true human connections and break down barriers, because we believe great moments of shared experiences are the best in life.

We are inspired by consumers to brew the best beers and extend that same passion to all of our brands, products and activities.

We are proud of our family history and Dutch heritage and derive from them our entrepreneurial spirit that takes us to every corner of the world.

We are brand builders. The Heineken® brand defines and unites us while our many local, regional and global brands make our portfolio diverse and unique.

People are at the heart of our company. We see our strength in trust, diversity and progress

We stand by our values: passion for quality, enjoyment of life, respect for people and for the planet.

We always advocate for responsible consumption. We are committed to our communities and strive to consistently improve the impact we make on the planet.

We work with our customers and partners to grow together and seek to win with integrity and fairness.

And we are convinced that by staying true to these commitments, we create value for our shareholders.



Targeted profiles

M1/M2 looking for intership 

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Seeked profiles
Are you interested to recruit international students who are French beginners ? (for which positions ? in which countries ?)

No. Only french speaker because we're only recruiting for HEINEKEN France. 

Do you recruit for internships/job positions outside France? No
Number of offer (internships) 20
Recruitment process

CV sorting by HR then interview with the manager 

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Check out the website : http://www.theheinekencompany.com/careers/igp


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