• Hewlett Packard Enterprise is one of the world’s iconic tech companies, creating new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments, and society
  • We provide solutions which enable companies to mobilize their business; mine all their data for insights, on an open, agile cloud; all this securely
  • We aim at making the complex, simple
  • Bridging the old and the new
  • And we do that by harnessing big data, security, mobility and cloud
  • We are the only company with the breadth and depth of innovative products and services to provide complete end-to-end solutions in big data, cloud, mobility and security, not just a disparate set of IT components
  • We focus on delivering speed, simplicity, efficiency and agility so that customers can realize their preferred business outcomes across architectures and in ways that suit their engineering requirements and budgets.
  • Services lies a l'informatique et a Internet nda
  • Services de traitement de l'information et de saisie de donnees
  • Services lies a l'informatique et a Internet nda (suite)
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1 Avenue du Canada, ZA de courtaboeuf, Les Ulis, 91947
President: KARSENTI Gerald
DRH: Garnier Caroline
Monde: Plus de 5000 salariés
France: Entre 2500 et 5000 salariés, Entre 100 et 500 stagiaires
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