Christian Dior Couture est une filiale de LVMH.
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“Whatever you do - whether for work or pleasure - do it with passion” Christian Dior
Encounters that give rise to wonderful stories never happen by chance. Since 1947, the house of Dior has enjoyed a very special relationship with its employees, based on a shared passion for elegance and the exceptional. Today, the house of Dior displays its creativity through a multitude of professions on all continents: haute couture and ready-to-wear, leather goods, jewelry and watches.... Each is an expression of the Dior spirit, its expertise and virtuosity.
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Site de recrutement
11 bis rue François 1er, 75008 PARIS 8ème
President du Conseil d'Adm.: TOLEDANO Sidney
DRH: FAVRE Emmnuelle
Monde: Plus de 5000 salariés, Entre 100 et 500 stagiaires
France: Entre 1000 et 2500 salariés, Entre 100 et 500 stagiaires
Groupe: LVMH