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What do you like the MOST about your mission?

My autonomy, the availability of better trained people around me who are ready to help me, the freedom that I am offered in the way of apprehending a project and being a force of proposal.

What do you like the LEAST about your company?

The unspoken. I have in mind a perfect example, the case of the office manager who was encouraged from VO2, then the official announcement is that he was leaving to take care of his newborn.

What do you like the MOST about your company?

Friendliness. At VO2, there is not really a boss / employee relationship, the flat hierarchy really helps to bring a family aspect in daily relationships. It helps to be sincere, it seems to me.

What do you like the LEAST about your mission?

Its sometimes repetitive appearance. Some tasks to be done, and where I do not have the opportunity to delegate to others those parts that I do not find interesting for me in terms of learning, but which are important for the client (it seems to me that is almost inevitable, there is always a part of our work that we find less exhilarating).