Century 21 France

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What do you like the MOST about your company?

Not much that's why I left

What do you like the LEAST about your company?

-no hierarchy -no help between employees (not obvious especially when you start) - The trainings are programmed 6 months after your arrival so while waiting for the formation it is demerdasoff with the customers and the real estate laws -the salary (a very low fixed) no advantage of vrp (no reimbursement costs km, no phone everything is the responsibility of using it as if it was its own business but without having the full benefits) - a lack of confidence of those responsible (compulsory photocopying of our agenda, prohibition to telework) - a lot of pressure on the figure PLEASE NOTE THESE ELEMENTS ARE INDICATED FOR THE AGENCY ADVISER RENTAL AT CENTURY 21 HARMONY (ROUEN G / D) each C21 is a franchise so do not make it a generality but if I can give advice away from this agency! Turnover 90% that says a lot ...

What do you like the MOST about your mission?

-advising customers, helping them in their research -make new management mandates

What do you like the LEAST about your mission?

The administrative part is very heavy if the company does not provide a dedicated person to help you on this point. So less time to make visits ... And who says visit said commission.