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Please tell us in a few words what your current mission is about

My alternation is to be assistant product manager for the international brands Sikkens and Trimétal. We manage the product ranges through various projects related to a software that allows us to communicate / inform our actions with different global production sites. Establishing a communication plan was part of one of my missions for launching some products on the French market. The development of catalogs and the supervision of tariffs are operational but interesting missions thanks to which I have been able to increase my sense of observation and concentration. We are working closely with LTS for product development and PET for training. This alternation was punctuated by a variety of missions requiring a certain versatility.

What do you like the MOST about your company?

Several things have been much more important to me during my experience: - The integrity of the people I worked with - The ability to have new and challenging goals at different levels - The fact that people see us as employees and not trainees / alternates

What do you like the MOST about your mission?

What I liked most about my assignments was the international orientation, the creation of new products, the suppression of some. The versatility of the missions meant that every day was an opportunity to learn something new.

Please tell us in a few words what your current mission is about

highlight sales outlets and support them in their commercial development through communication